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About Membership

Membership in the Compassionate Ocean Dharma Center is an expression of support for the purpose and programs of the Center.

The Center is dedicated to the central practice of awakening. We offer mindfulness courses, community practice gatherings, retreats, and other activities to deepen the integration of meditation practice and beneficial action into our daily lives.

Sangha is a term used in the Buddhist tradition to refer to a community of people gathered together to practice Dharma, the way of truth and wholeness. Participation in the Compassionate Ocean Sangha is open to everyone who wishes to come together for this purpose. Our practice is in the Zen Buddhist tradition, incorporating Soto Zen and Thich Nhat Hanh styles.

Membership is encouraged for all who participate on an ongoing basis, as well as those who simply would like to help make possible the continued existence of the Center. Membership dues help defray the various expenses associated with the Center’s programs, including teacher support, mailings and promotion, building expenses, supplies, equipment, etc. Members receive discounts on many program fees.

Those wishing to become a member are asked to fill out an application form. The membership categories in the application are offered as guidelines.
Membership information and application.
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Donations to the Compassionate Ocean Dharma Center fall into several categories including membership, appeals, and general. Members pledge to contribute some amount every year to help support the purpose and programs of the Center. Member dues can be paid monthly, quarterly, annually, or in any other convenient time frame. Spring and autumn appeals are drives for contributions that occur during a limited time period with a specified target of giving. General donations are gifts to support the purpose and programs of the Center that do not fit into any other categories.
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